Floods of Spring

Our first spring in the country and we were looking forward to seeing the garden start to bloom, grasses turn green and of course, getting the boat out for the year. We were so excited. We got our dock down and started cleaning up our bayside fire pit.

Then it rained. And rained. And rained.

It rained so much here in Prince Edward County, that our retaining wall went under the water. So did our dock. Mr. L and Carl, the handyman, spent a fierce couple of hours getting the wood planks off the dock before the crazy waves of the Bay of Quinte washed them away.

And then the flooding really started. As the water levels rose in the weeks after the rains, the cement wall that was now under water now sits almost a foot under water and the water line is so high our yard has become a haven for water fowl, ducks and geese who can swim right in off the bay with ease onto our lawn. Perfect for little goslings and ducklings.

The boat house doorways are under mid-calf high water and for safety we have a new “No Go” rule and are thankful we have a fence that separates where our dogs and kids play and that part of our property. There are sink holes, debris and parts of the brick inlay having sank or washed away on the whole shoreline. Any thought of getting a boat in the water from our property, well, if we can get it in this summer at all will be a miracle. I think realistically, we’ll be looking to find a dock slip at the Trenton marina and put into the budget a floating dock installation for the future.

With the most recent reports being that the waters are going to be high for awhile, the expected mid-June receding will probably not happen and we will not be able to assess any damage until it does. PEC is offering sandbags to anyone whose property is at risk and Mr. L borrowed a neighbours tractor and trailer to get the 60 lb bags down to the shoreline to try and protect the boathouse. At least the kids had fun riding around in the trailer!


The large trees by the shore are in danger as the waters erode away the earth and all we can do is be grateful our house, septic system and well are far enough away and on the upper part of our sloped property to be safe from the flood. I worry about the huge willow on one corner that now is just raised a bit above a new pond that has formed where the lawn used to be.


Welcome to living on the water. I suppose it is a risk you take, but as our neighbours (lifers in The County) no one has ever seen the bay this high and the net result is – we are all in the same boat, literally. Unlike last year when the whole place was desperate for rain, now we want it to stop. For awhile. Our wells are full and grasses, gardens and fields sopping wet. Our backyard is great to look at, lush and green, just bring a pair of rubber boots if you want to walk around.

On another note, turtles are beginning to migrate. We have a little one who seems confused in our backyard and keeps running circles around the grass. I have had to move him once or twice to keep it away from the dogs. The pond, though murky (another mystery that we’re trying to solve) has some great foliage and those wet-loving plants are blossoming.

Things of note these past few weeks that I have found in and around Prince Edward County:

Rocia Naturals – when the seasons change, my skin goes a little haywire. After a bad outbreak of eczema on my face, I went in search for organic, all natural and local skin care products and found Rocia in Brighton. They are the best thing ever. The two ladies running this business are so helpful, and their products cleared up my eczema and it’s all I will use from now on.

Another shout out to Campbell’s Orchards for putting on a fun-filled Easter Extravaganza. Face painting, chocolate eggs and treats. The addition of County Cider to the festivities was much welcome!


One thing I have been searching for in PEC is a yoga studio. Practicing off and on for almost 15 years, I missed over the winter having a regular studio to attend classes. I was thrilled to find Mindful Movements in the County. Having an extra excuse to head down the cute town of Picton once a week is an added bonus.

Potter’s Creek Conservation Area – another great conservation area by Quinte Conservation. This free area has hiking trails, old bridges, ponds and tons to explore. We enjoyed the May 24 weekend with another spring hike down the Creek Path.

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