New Short Stories! 

The Breakroom Stories produced one of my previously published short stories, “Silent Houses.”  Technology is  now offering authors unique and different ways to utilize their past works and breathe new life into their stories. I loved hearing how this short story was narrated on the website and corresponding Podcast. The story was originally published on


Weirdbook Magazine #39, (pp. 99) published my short story that was based on villain created for my first, (as of yet) unpublished novel. Exploring this particular character’s backstory allowed a new story to unfold. Following the twisted journey of Monika in “Monika Unraveling,” the reader is taken through a villain’s dark realization as she tries to remember who she is, where she came from and what happened one dark night. A night when life as it she knew it came unhinged.

Weirdbook #39

The twisted tale of Nan and Peter in the short story, “Out By The Creek,” can be found in the newly launched collection in The County Wave. Find this anthology of 21 local Prince Edward County writers at Books & Company, The Local Store and Octopus Books or visit Cressy Lakeside Books for more retailers.

The County Wave book cover

The eerie supernatural tale, “Visiting Friends,” can be found within the pages of Running Wild Anthology of Stories Volume 2 by Running Wild Press. Visit Amazon and get your paperback or Kindle edition or visit Running Wild Press for distribution information.

running wild press

Flash fiction piece titled, “The Promotion,” is located on page 65 in this Canadian Collection Of Short Stories. To purchase either visit Polar Expressions Publishing or contact me at


Pick up this gorgeous anthology put out by ID Press Publishing called, Allucinor and find my short story titled, “Frozen Beauty,” along with some other wonderful Ontario writers. You can find Allucinor in print or Kindle edition on Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads!



Check in to this page to see what is coming next and where to find my next published works.

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