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Once upon time it was just me. I left the small town where I grew up for university in the big city.

Then, Mr. L bounded into my life. An Israeli boyfriend that was confused that I had never seen a synagogue up until I met him. He learned to live with a Christmas tree and I got to light my first menorah.  We navigated school and work. We travelled and started building a life together.

Next came a cat and then, a dog. (Both sadly have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge.) After 10 years in the city, we moved to a suburb that aligned with the quick arrival of 3 little people. Elizabeth (12), Audrey (10),  and Jacob (7). Not to mention another kitten (Sally the cat), a puppy (Chip the Labradoodle) and their recently acquired fur siblings: Lexi (The Rescue) and Sandy (Crazy Kitten). Add in the birth of a thriving family business  and persistent writing career (Small Town Gal Writing) and we are like most families with kids – busy.

In the midst of our hectic life, after 12 years in the ‘burbs, we moved our family to Prince Edward County, Ontario. Why? We actually don’t have a great answer. On a well-thought out lark. We wanted space, quiet and a bit of land. The price of the houses were ideal in this area to get what we wanted. All of the above? Perhaps. Basically, we just knew an opportunity came up to move, and we jumped in. It has been an adjustment living in the country, but we’re trying to embrace it and our new community. Mr. L is even talking about getting a pick-up!

To continue following our full, but slightly wacky life, visit  Three or More for challenges on parenting three or more kids, updates and information about our new area (great place to explore) and all the latest updates. Buckle in for the ride.

Blog Jan 31 2018



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