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IMG_6257Who is Small Town Gal? She’s me – a username that has persisted for years from the very first chat board when I planned my wedding over fifteen years ago. It has become the handle that I identify with digitally – on the internet – on chat boards and now – on social media. She’s been around forever.

You can find me all over social media:

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As a previous marketer – I understand the need to stay current. But, as a parent with three children, pets and house in the country while trying to work part-time in marketing consulting or freelance writing – marketing myself is one of those things that slipped into the abyss. Simply, it was not a priority. IMG_4469

Things changed last year. Why?

I got more serious and focused on what I love best about communications and marketing – writing. With a renewed sense of purpose and a few fiction works under my belt, I decided to dive in and start seriously submitting to publications, agents, publishers – anyone who would give me the time of day.  I made a vow in 2017 to write and submit as many short stories as possible while learning about this type of writing and the industry. There are literally hundreds of places to submit your work as an emerging writer.

Rejection came hard and fast, but then, one flash fiction piece got accepted, then another and another. Sure, they were non-paying online publications but what did I care? The ball got rolling. The creative juices flowing. Then, a short story I wrote on a request from an Indie Publishing Group got accepted. Then another and another. It started April 2017 and by the end of the year, I had four stories – paid publishing credits – accepted at different presses for anthologies. Two are out in print now (see Published Works), and two are being launched Spring 2018. I had two partial requests from agents on my first manuscript titled, Vampire Mother. Small steps but steps in the right direction.

If you are a writer, it doesn’t take much to keep you going. One simple “yes,” can drive you forward for weeks and onto the next project. For me, the support I received drove me to get this website up and going. It is a work in progress along with my other author platforms, but my hope is to have all of the moving pieces of my professional (and sometimes personal) life in one place.

I have just updated a new section – Communication Services. You will find some examples of how I can help other writers or small-business owners and pricing.

I hope you enjoy my writing. I believe I’m on the precipice of this creative journey and very curious to see where it leads. I also love supporting artists from all walks of life and finding out new things from the world at large. Find me at any of my Social Media outlets. Let’s share information, ideas and connect.

With gratitude, Rebecca






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