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Lately I have been thinking about a new blog. Having played around in the blog space for the last few years, I have written about parenting three small children, posted short stories and discussed wine.

Today, I find myself on a new journey. Part of me wants to document our experiences while showcasing all that our new area has to offer thus a new blog. We have been in Prince Edward County for three weeks and it is becoming apparent why people come here and do not want to leave. I still feel like I am on summer vacation to return to the real world every time I look out my window.

You see, I come from a small rural town. Land-locked corn country where I grew up partly in town and partly at my grandparent’s rural home. My partner, well, he is a foreign-born urbanite who for some strange reason, pushed for a move to the country. Our children? Three active, chatty kids who have played on the kid-infested streets of sprawling suburbia that is the ever-growing GTA.

Read on to find out how we all acclimitize into “The County.” Will Mr. L be able to understand how a well works? Will the kids go wild? Can I handle moving back to rural/small town life after twenty years of having it easy in the city? Will my dog ever understand that country dogs do not go for walks on leash every morning around the block? Will our cat finally escape the confines of our home to meet the local tomcat who sits at our window? These are just a few of the quirky stories. Many people move to the country, let’s see how we manage.

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