I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now

That’s the title of my new blog post at Three or More. This weekend I’m at a Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre with Ashley Lord. After a harrowing drive through blizzard conditions, I arrived (late but before dark) at the retreat center where I was promptly fed and restored. That’s how the rest of the weekend has gone, a place where I have been able to cozy in, reflect, write and take in the environment around me.

After yet another peaceful, restorative yoga session with Ashley, I was ready to settle into my cabin for the night, when for some reason, I felt the need to share some of my thoughts. Mainly, at least on this last night, the need we all have to find our own peace, inner and outer. Life is full of challenges, so many of us feel overwhelmed. I know I have on many, many occasions. Combine that with the need, as women in particular, to try and fulfill all our families, social networks and our works needs, and it sometimes seems too much for one person to bear. I heard so many stories this weekend of where I’ve been in my journey, where I may end up as similar situations present themselves in my life, and I am always amazed at our strength to keep trying and fighting for our own survival.

I came back to my cabin to many text messages. I had purposefully left my phone in my cabin, checking it only twice today.  None of the text messages were urgent. But one, in particular, struck me. It was a series of 16 text messages from my daughter incessantly asking where I was and what was I doing. I chalk it up a way to connect and appreciate her checking in on me, but at the same time, I don’t want her to think she must or create in her that feeling that she needs to contact me. She knows I’m away and where. She is more than fine, at home, wiht her father, and I’ll be home tomorrow. It made me pause, think first, she must be bored and then I started to worry that our constant need to always be available is contributing to an already stressful world. In turn, what kind of anxiety-inducing habits are we teaching our children? Do they need to be able to reach us at any time?

So here’s a personal essay exploring that topic at my blog, Three or More. Comment if you like, what do you think? Can we say to those we love, I’m not available right now?


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