Friendly Places


Our first few weeks here have been a blur of activity. Unpacking, organizing, people in and out fixing this and that. Re-setting up our life. Finding out how the local cable company and Internet providers work. Getting back to reality with work and deadlines and managing new schedules.

At about two weeks in, I threw up my hands and realized I had unpacked all that I could for the summer. The three monkeys are home full-time, Mr. L went back to work, I still had a bit of time before my client emailed asking for more blogs and people flocked to our new home, curious to see what drew us out to Prince Edward County, wondering if the pictures did the house and property justice.  I had a calendar that looked like a confusing muddle of names trying to keep track of who was coming when. Mr. L joked that maybe we should open a B&B.

But I didn’t mind. Having people visit forced me unpack a bit faster what needed to be done and to clean, daily. It also made the kids happy seeing their friends and selfishly, having other people here to distract my trio was welcome. With each visitor that passes by our door, this place feels a little more like home instead of a very, very nice cottage we rented for the summer.

Most importantly, I get a chance to drive around and explore PEC. I am becoming familiar with the country roads and certain places know my face as I seek out my new favourite places each week bringing with my crew and their families in tow to experience the local hospitality.

In our first few days of exploring we revisited Prince Edward County Lavender. A beautiful farm on Closson Road that we had discovered on an earlier scouting trip in the spring. Hoping to see the plants in blossom, we were not disappointed and the kids enjoyed running through the neatly lined rows of lavender, stopping to inhale the scent or listen to the buzzing bees. A guitarist provided some afternoon entertainment, there were shade-covered muskoka chairs to sit and enjoy the scenery and of course, a visit to the store where I found my new favourite face cream. A definite must visit on any trip to view the fields, visit the store to pick up a local product and snack on some delicious lavender shortbread.

Of course, no journey into Prince Edward County is complete without a stop at a one of the many fabulous wineries. I confidently told Mr. L that I was going to visit one new winery each week until I got through them all. Our first choice, Closson Chase, the purple barn winery just down the road from the PEC Lavender. With a lovely tasting bar and freezies for the kids, we enjoyed their buttery Chardonnay and peppery Pinot Noir while the kids explored the barn and sitting area outside.


Our first week touring the county was filled with warm sunshine, friendly service with the aromatic smell of lavender filling the air. The perfect combination to welcome us to The County.


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